Rating Feedback for Dr. Thornton (2545301)

The rating:
'Here's my experience:I had an appointment today at 1:30pm. I scheduled this appointment before I left my initial consultation. The girl at the front desk asked me, when I wanted to return, and I said the date, and asked for a 1 pm appt.time. Her response was, "there was no 1 pm, but she could give me a 1:30pm." I agreed to that time. So when I arrived at my scheduled time, I was told that I had a 1 pm appointment & I would have to reschedule. I said, "absolutely not!," and recited the exact events that occurred at the time of scheduling the appointment,all the while,the very same girl sat there glaring at me. I pointed her right out. Now that my dr. did not have the time for me on his schedule, Dr. Thornton stepped in to do the test. He was very professional, and I was very appreciative. Needless to say, I never scheduled a follow-up with that girl, and when I was leaving she was still glaring at me, and attempted to speak to me like I was a child. She's very criminal & unprofessional.'
Thank you very much for your feedback.

First, we are so glad to hear that you had such a positive experience with your physician. We regret that your experience with another staff member was negative. It is patient input that helps to let us know if there is additional training we can provide to improve staff-patient interactions.

As for your scheduling issue, we have an automated confirmation system to provide patients with a reminder of their appointment date and time, and to allow them to cancel the appointment at that time. This system has been very useful in preventing such errors, although we regret any inconvenience you endured in this case.

If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to call Patient Services to discuss these at (646) 756-8297.