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'I had tuck done by Dr. Hochstein and I look AMAZING. If you would like to see photos email me at:[email protected] I was really scared to even go through with any procedure because I was coming from out of town but Jennifer and Amanda really made me feel comfortable the whole time. I am 8 months and 4 days post op and I already look so much better. My confidence and everything is back to where it was when I was 21. If ANYONE wants to get a Tummy Tuck done, he is the surgeon for you.'
Hello! I tried emailing you but that email address came back not correct. I am looking to get a tummy tuck and breast reduction done by Dr.Hochstein as well and am pretty nervous as I will traveling from out of town as well, would you be willing to send me your pictures? Also, How long did you need to stay in a hotel for? How much was the procedure if you dont mind me asking as well? Thank you very much for your feedback! Lisa

I Appoligize Lisa my email is

I Appoligize Lisa my email is


I missed an h in the ashleigh. You can email wenever you would like. I actually stayed in town for 10 days so Dr. Hochstein could take out my pain pump and one of my drains. One of the drains stayed in a little longer than expected but it was fine because when I got home and when they were ready to come out I called Dr. Hochstein and he walked me through it. I was super nervous it was going to hurt but it was SO SIMPLE.

Overall I am happy with everything Shock

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