Rating Feedback for Dr. Nayak (2012443)

The rating:
'I was afraid. It is so scary to think of someone cutting on your face. And you see so many horrible stories about facelifts gone wrong. I am so grateful to Dr. Nayak for his gentle manner, his confident (but not arrogant) approach, and for changing my life. At age 63, I was no longer happy with my sagging jowls, my turkey neck and the bags under my eyes. I had heard that a facelift would take 10 years off your looks, but honestly I think it was more like 25. My husband has not stopped smiling and neither have I. Dr. Nayak was not the most expensive - nor the least expensive - surgeon I looked into. But he was absolutely the best surgeon! I really appreciated his attention to detail and the care he provided after surgery. I also liked the fact that he ONLY does faces. I didn't want to trust my face to someone who also did breast augmentation or liposuction. This is the only face I get, and I love it more than ever! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Nayak. I look beautiful!'
Thank you for your review! I am glad you are happy!