Rating Feedback for Dr. Hitchon (2581224)

The rating:
'After Dr. Hitchon conducted an L-5 spinal fusion surgery on me, my left leg was paralyzed. He assured me it would heal within 3-years. It did not. Dr. Hitchon commented that he thought I'd have gotten used to it by now. WHO CAN "get used" TO A PARALYZED LEG? I asked him to refer me to another surgeon. He told me if he could not fix my paralyzed leg then nobody could. He refused to treat me 3-years after surgery. Funny how this was also the last date for me to possibly take legal action against him. He refused to release my medical documentations to any other doctor or surgeon. 18-years later I was experiencing spinal pain. I was referred to a surgeon in another clinic at UIHC. His scheduled 3.5 hour surgery took 9.5 hours. After Dr. Sergio Mendoza opened me up, he saw the bracket Hitchon installed. There was NO bone growth or fusion. He touched it and it fell to pieces . . . along with my L-5 vertebra. I lived 18-years with a broken back!!!. Leg paralyzed for LIFE!'
Dr. Hitchon has NO remorse for the pain & suffering he cause his patients. He is ARROGANT!