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Many years ago I had an unknown issue that many doctors could not get to the bottom of and eventually gave up on. I ended up with Dr Potts by chance after going into the emergency room for the same issue. He took the time and many measures to get to the root of the problem (which ended up being life threatening) and also guided me in the right direction to find the appropriate cure. All the while being genuinely caring and compassionate.
My heart goes out to the family in this article, it is a tragedy I hope to never have to understand. But it's only fair that people remember that all the great and amazing things he's gone unrecognized and unthanked for. Like saving my life for example.

Dr Potts was my Obgyn for

Dr Potts was my Obgyn for both of my kids. I had a complication and he saved my daughters life. People are too quick to forget that ultimately that's the main intent of all care providers. He tried to save that kids life which he successfully did. Well done Dr Potts!

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