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'I just have to write about my experience at this clinic I went to. I moved to Edmonton from Vancouver recently and this woman (Roxy or something) at this clinic frankly was so unprofessional. Firstly when I saw her, I wanted to leave before my treatment. Staff at a cosmetic facility should look amazing, not with the most distorted lips I have ever seen!! She was negative, talked down to other staff and it was so uncomfortable. The dr was nice and friendly but I will not return because of the staff.'
Unfortunately, these negative comments that attack the manager from this clinic are nothing more than a disgruntled employee who was terminated. Roxanne is ALWAYS a true professional and an extremely attractive woman with great style. I have known the manager on two levels...as a co-worker and as a friend and these comments are vicious, hurtful and untrue. It is sad that this person is using this forum to vent her deep seeded anger towards this one person. Legal action is under consideration.

I recently saw Dr. Poon for

I recently saw Dr. Poon for leg vein treatments and fillers and Botox, Dr. Poon and his staff are fantastic and all are very friendly, reading the comment from the woman from Vancouver is ridiculous, the manager at that clinic is friendly to patients and staff and is a beautiful woman! This truly sounds like some vendictive individual!

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