Rating Feedback for Dr. Putter (2570998)

The rating:
'Hooray he is gone back to Vancouver.This man should not be allowed to practice.He hands out pills like candy then argues with the pharmacist when he writes the wrong perscription.He doesn't care about anything but money He keeps a close eye on his watch and you are only allowed to talk about one thing.Even if the other thing such as taking your blood pressure may be life threatening.THE WORST DOCTOR ON THE PLANET.'
I am not sure what this guys problem it but why would you tell a patient to get Tim hortons. He would use up time complaining and keep asking to come back cost her to keep driving there only had a few things to do. He abandon his community again. Some one should stop this guy. Heard he when to South Africa for a year then heard he's never coming back, he abandon a town in sask. I was going to give him ****. A lady in the waiting room told me he started relationship with a patient and was harassing stay. What is wrong with this and I made a complaint to a local office and noting was done,. Why isn't there a safe and easy way to alert an authority? That flecture and inder too at beach medical. These doctors have it all wrong. I was lucky I was smart enough to figure out my own medical issues and stop what these idiots were telling me to take. Man what a expensive waist of time. Made me age. Lost my trust. Never in my life have I seen any thing like it.