Rating Feedback for Dr. Warfield (2527838)

The rating:
'Been going to dr Warfield for many years! He has grown to be a disappointment. He walks in shakes your hand and tells you it's nice to see you. He pulls out his computer, because he doesn't know who you truly are. He types away and checks your vitals and your testies. He speaks briefly about your concerns and ignores your input. He say nice meeting with you and leaves. I need him to sign a medical paper from my insurance and he charged me $35 for his signature! Even thou its said do not charge patient! Looking for a new primary. Really gave him a chance, sucks that he only cares about turn around. Dr Warfield if you read this what happened, is this how you really care? $35 is half a days work for me and for just a signature! For Shame!!!!'
I went to Thunderbird Internal Medicine when I first moved out here in 1992. Somehow I got shuffled around to him a few years later when he was new. I was NOT impressed then. He had a chip on his shoulder, the Mayo Clinic KEEPS the "good docs, medical personnel, IF they are that good. Coming from a medical family AND being a ARNP myself I know this so I knew to be wary of him in the first place. I was right and he has not changed. IF you do NOT have a Medical background you probably don't know any different but I do. I have NEVER referred anyone to him. I made sure I saw an ARNP there who was fantastic. Dr. Carpenter nice BUT CLUELESS as to how to diagnose anything without Googling it first. He was in Research when the economy tanked and that's when Grants get cut to Research programs etc...so he obviously decided hey why not do a Resident program and be a General Practitoner...the shortest of Medical fields I might add. I am looking at other practices to go too nearby. BUT in the meantime I will happily see their Nurse Practitioner Sherry Alguire..she IS Great AND experienced !