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'This was my first visit to see Dr Baxter. I have Vitiligo. She was friendly, Knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. I was very pleased with my appointment. Hopefully her treatment suggestions work.'
Friendly Sure, she didn't talk much and when she did it was straight to the point. Too formal, I like to feel like the Dr is treating me as a suffering human being, and not just another Name on a FILE. Im happy she was good for you, but I literally left her office crying. feeling very lost and back at square 1. Too bad for me the prescription she gave to me was already prescribed to me by a clinic Dr who also saw me for maybe 5 mins, didn't touch my face or other tests, just like Dr. Baxter.. It was such a horrible experience, out of everyone in my life I was expecting the most compassion and understanding from her and I didn't get that satisfaction. I am So depressed about my visit.