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'Biggest waste of money I have ever spent in my life. Total waste of time and body. Doctor unnecessarily grafted my nose from top to bottom with rib cartilage. Procedure left my chest disfigured and my nose hard, painful crooked, and incredibly strange looking. Recovery took over 2 years and was a complete NIGHTMARE to go through. Post-op treatment was harassing and scary. My experience with Thomas Le was the worst of the worst. He is a total liar, BSer, and con-artist. Beware of this crazy man, he was fired as Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at University of Maryland Medical Center.'
He was absolutely NOT fired from the University of Maryland. I called the university before my surgery to check on his references and they actually RAVED about him and said he absolutely left 100% on his own to start his own practice. Anyone reading this can call and confirm that for themselves to prove my post is truth. Not cool slandering a good doctor.

Who would I call at UMD

Who would I call at UMD Medical to hear them rave about Thomas Le? I have spoken to multiple people at UMD Medical in the Otolaryngology department as well as executives in the HR department that have confirmed my statements. He was absolutely told to leave. Do you really think that it makes sense that he would step down from such a prestigious high salaried position as director of an entire department at one of the best medical campuses in the country to go into business for himself in a strip mall next to a Giant Food? Please. Your post is not the truth at all. Sad but true, he was absolutely fired. And there are legitimate reasons he was fired.

Despite the fact that his old

Despite the fact that his old department gave him raving reviews when I called before my surgery with him back in 2011, I called UMD again today just to make sure there was no room for interpretation regarding the exact circumstances under which he left. Charles Schroeder, senior administrator at UMD, confirmed again he was absolutely not fired NOR was he "asked to leave." Mr. Schroeder went further and stated: "He voluntarily submitted his own resignation letter in order to start his own practice."

And Dr. Le's personal explanation for why he left his position was that he wanted the freedom to take extra time during consults and also whatever time is needed in the OR to get the job done right, whereas normally you'll see pressure put on the doctors to squeeze in a certain amount of patients in a day and wrap up surgeries in a set amount of time.

Now please quote your sources.

I don't think it's fair to

I don't think it's fair to start naming names in this particular situation. I will say that upon my operation with Thomas Le, I returned to UMD Medical for a 2nd Opinion consultation with one of the physicians there. The physician performing the examination of my nose looked me in the eyes while examining me and confirmed he was asked to leave for various reasons. The secretary during the consultation took a look at me, touched my nose (which felt like a rock on my face), and suggested I hire an attorney and take Thomas Le to court. Upon my consultation, I immediately went to the HR department where they confirmed he resigned after being asked to leave. Also, other doctors in the field (I am not going to give names) that I have had consultations with have told me the same thing.

I find it very bizarre that the most authoritative person in the department, with the most say over the policies and procedures of the department abruptly left just because he wants to spend more time talking with and operating on his patients. He should be the one setting and enforcing the policies, not the one abruptly leaving. He was a salaried employee with benefits, a retirement package, and job stability. Who on earth walks away from that just to spend more time with people? I stand by my comments. He resigned after being told to leave.

Please show me proof that longer time spent with patients, and longer surgical times equates to better results. It does not and I am living proof. My post op treatment by Dr Le was extremely lengthy, taking away from very valuable time at work. His approach towards me became increasingly disturbing on each post op visit to the point where it became blatant harassment towards me. He became totally abusive with me, completely crossing the line of acceptable behavior.

Bottom line for my review is this: Thomas Le left me with yet another rhinoplasty to go undergo to remove these ridiculous rib grafts from my nose, and now I also need corrective chest surgery. For 12k, this is UNACCEPTABLE. END OF STORY.

So you call my bluff by

So you call my bluff by asking me to provide names and after I do, you refuse to do the same? Hmm.

Anyway, I understand that you had a bad experience, but that doesn't necessarily equate to a bad doctor and I think you should really take a step back and simply offer an objective take about your personal experience that others can use to help make a well rounded decision.

If UMD pressured him to do anything, I'm pretty confident it was to stick to predefined time limits on all consults and surgeries and to fit in a certain number of patients a day, which he volunteered was the case when I met with him and I discussed his work history with him. The fact is, Dr. Le is a caring and talented, albeit imperfect doctor (they all are), who has helped countless more than he's left unhappy (which is evident by his abundance of positive ratings) and I certainly hope others will recognize that when they consider him as their doctor. As far as I'm concerned, IF there was any strain between Dr. Le and UMD, it's because he goes against the grain in his efforts to do things right (longer consults, surgeries with no defined time limits, free revisions when necessary). Do these sound like things UMD wants to offer with $$$ on the mind? Of course not. So kudos to him for doing the right thing and branching out on his own!

I live in hell every day

I live in hell every day because of what this man did to me. Thomas Le is a disgusting creep that should be sitting in jail.

I think you should post a pic

I think you should post a pic or pics of what happened to you. Because you could be totally lying. Hard to take people serious on the internet at times (most of the time).

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