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'Douglas Taranow gave me a ****ed lipo. I trusted that man, and now I can't even take my shirt off in public. He left huge indentation on my abdomen. Not only that, but now my abdomen looks severely uneven. When I had my first consultation with him, he kept reinforcing how I would be more define, and how great I would already look after just one month. After almost a year, the unevenness only became more and more pronounced and the indentation more deep every months. My surgery required very little tweaking as it was my lower abdomen, but I look so much worse than before. The pain of having to look everyday in the mirror of the damages he caused to your body can't be described. Now for the rest of my days I am gonna live with this. It affected not only me, but also the people around me who witness how affect I have been. The following consultation with Taranow was fake excuses to justify his bad work. I would never recommend that man, the work he did on me is horrifying.'
I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I just had liposuction done on abdomen 3weeks ago and i am still very swollen.It's so uncomfortable that I am physically depressed and regret my decision to have this surgery.Dr. Taranow didn't tell me that after surgery I need a lymphatic drainage massage to help reduce swelling quicker. I found out about online after the surgery while looking for something else .If he had told me about it before, my insurance would have been billed and I wouldn't have had to spend $700 on the massages. He has no communication skills and I regret doing surgery with Dr. Taranow ;(
If only I had read your post earlier.