Rating Feedback for Dr. Press (2563263)

The rating:
'The clinic she runs just a big joke.It took me one month to phone every monday to book an appointment on my convenience. I specifically asked to see a nurse-practitioner. Was booked to see Dr. Press for a simple PAP smear. Waiting in a waiting room for 35min it's OK. But to wait undressed in exam room for 1hr unacceptable.Than she lectured me how to do exercises. Was ordered bone density test. Ten months later nothing happened. Referral didn't go anywhere.Very unhappy with services I received. Waste of government money and my time.Not going back ever.'
How sad! The Women's Wellness Centre is a Sunrise Health Region initiative. Dr. Press merely operates out of the space. I would strongly urge you to contact the Client Representative for Sunrise to file a complaint-so this practice does not continue. First and foremost, all clients are to be provided with the practitioner of their choice-so you should have been booked with the NP versus MD. Second, you time and comfort is important and should have been respected. Please consider speaking with a Sunrise Client Representative so that this type of incident never happens to anyone else.