Rating Feedback for Dr. COHEN (1447233)

The rating:
Throughout nearly twenty years of working with people to help them overcome emotional difficulties, I have worked hard to gain trust and help people feel understood and supported. Sometimes, negative feelings arise toward therapists during the course of good therapy. I create a safe environment where patients are free to discuss their feelings with me. Unfortunately, it seems that rather than bring his or her feelings into the therapy room, this patient chose to give me a negative evaluation. It saddens me to know that this person terminated therapy prematurely, without working through the feelings he or she had about me and our therapy. The match between therapist and client must be a good one order for healing, transformative psychotherapy to occur. Not all therapists are right for all clients. My sound clinical training, experience, and empathic nature have allowed me to help a great many people, and I am honored to have the privilege to be a psychologist. I am sorry that I was not the right clinician for this individual.