Rating Feedback for Dr. Meier (1666980)

The rating:
'So I read through all the comments. First off I have never been pushed the botox stuff. As far as the supplements..they are meant to help..dont want them..dont get them. Dr Meier is the best thing that has happened to me. She got my thyroid under control which was HUGE..and has helped me lose 40 pounds. I feel normal again..next stop..hormone replacements. Dont listen to the people on here..she has always been friendly and kind to me. The staff is awesome and they know me by my first name. I have had to wait on a few occasions..but its a drs office..there are patients that need a bit more time..so dont blame the office..'
People who have been seriously harmed by Dr. Meier deserve to be heard, listened to. Good luck with your hormones, if this is a true patient!