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'I saw Dr Howley for an upper and lower eyelid lift that turned out to be a disaster. He gave me high expectations of looking much better but sadly, I am told that I look 10 years older. The wrinkles below my eyes are more obvious now, I pay for fillers & botox to compensate for it. I have constantly watering eyes, bad twitches and one drooping eye. My scars are obvious & my life revolves around obsessing on the face that I should have kept. He is a nice Dr., but not enough experience with facial surgery. Sadly it is me that suffers daily.'
Omg thats awful.i was considering similar.but due to health issues.have not pursued
Id so like to speak with you.ill wait for your redponse im so dorry.it must be awful.dr howley ive met briefly a couple of times.lovely person.but.

I had the same procedure done

I had the same procedure done by Dr. Howley and it was not successful either, I live with this everyday and it is not pleasant.

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