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'I went to Dr. Baer for an ingrown toenail and chose him because of the wonderful reviews on here. I'm not sure if it was a very 'off' day for him, but I had a horrible experience with him and just want to caution others. I am not good with needles and let Dr. Baer know about that. When he was giving me the needles I was in pain and asked him to stop so that I could have a break. He instantly became impatient and did not respect my boundaries, immediately going back to continue with the needles. I told him to stop and give me a moment and he took off his gloves and became belligerent with me, telling me that I should leave and commenting how awful it would be if I did and how basically no one but him could do the procedure. His behaviour was highly inappropriate. I believe he realized this as afterwards he kept apologizing and then justifying why he behaved as he did. Nothing excuses this behaviour and I will be writing to the college of physicians on this matter.'
Doctor Baer, here. I have had five positive reviews and one negative from this patient. I would like to respond to the negative review. My main concern is for the POSITIVE longterm outcome of an operation. Any operation! My main concern is ALWAYS for my patient's. This patient stated that I "removed my gloves," as if that was a bad thing? I took the gloves off to find this patient a towel to wipe the tears from her eyes. YES, INJECTING INTO A TOE HURTS!!! I would never tell a patient "leave," during a procedure. Anyone that knows me would know that!!! This patient wanted to leave after her toe was 100% numb! All I needed to do was check to make sure she was numb(Which I did do, waiting for five minutes, further explaining why she should proceed, and allow me to finish). That's all!!! I never apologized for what I did. I never apologize for doing an appropiate procedure! If this patient found me to be "belligerent," wow?!? By the way, she did allow me to finish my work. Thanks for that.

Dr. Baer, I understand you

Dr. Baer,

I understand you are concerned with your patients and you are a knowledgeable man passionate about what you do. However, your behaviour was troubling and inexcusable. What I needed was to be kept informed and to be given patience. I have had my toe frozen on another occasion and the physician did so gradually talking me through the procedure which really helped. Even though it was painful, it was not nearly as painful as what I experienced in your office, and neither was I given nitrous oxide nor was I yelled at.

Aside from the details, what really matters is the way you acted and how I felt. You were impatient, non-explanitory, and aggressive. I felt scared, humiliated, and bullied. I know confidently that the way you behaved was not okay and somehow I think you do too. Clearly we both had very different experiences of what occurred in the office that day and honestly, in the end, I think there is much to be learned here. For me, in the future I will stick up for what it is I need, even if that means taking my numb foot to the hospital. I will also clearly tell others what it is I need and enforce that. I will not allow someone to yell at me or bully me into a procedure. For you, I think it is very important that you explain to your patients, especially the anxious ones, what EXACTLY you are doing. Check in with your patients, give them breaks if needed. Perhaps you could schedule more time and even charge more for those patients who might need it. All people are different and need to be treated so.

My experience of you is only a small snippet of your behaviour in one moment in time, and I realize it is not an entire view of who you are. I do however, hope you take the opportunity to grow from this experience as I know I will.

All the best.

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