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The rating:
'I have my surgery on January 2nd 2013. When I met Dr Toth for the first time, I felt very confident in his taking my life into his hands. I had lung cancer. He was quick , (within 2 weeks) to get me into surgery and remove the tumor. He came to see me every day, checked in on me, and checked with the nurse to see how my progress was. I felt very cared for by him and all the staff. The OR staff was unbelievable considering how terrified I was. Hats off to Dr Toth and his staff. Now all I have to do is get the final deliberation and back to living again. Thanks Dr Toth!!!'
I too had Dr. Toth operate on Jan 14 th and all is well and he was terrific along with everyone I had to deal with. Hope you are doing well