Rating Feedback for Dr. Starr (2544584)

The rating:
'I attempted to refer a patient to him. In speaking with him, he was only concerned with how much he could get for the visit from my patient; not one question about my patient. His response to me when I told him how much my patient would pay him was "It would be more trouble than it's worth". It's unfortunate that we have these types of physicians.'
I would like to take a minute to explain the situation. This doctor contacted me to see his patient for 1 treatment while she was in New York City. It is my sole purpose to help a patient get back on his feet, but since the patient and I had no history of a treatment plan, it was possible and safe for the patient to wait until she returned to her normal doctor to resume treatment. I will not take a patient on if it will not benefit him. I had a long conversation with the patient about this but I feel as if my message was misconstrued when the patient relayed the information back to the doctor.