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The rating:
'Had a IUD Placed and it was placed wrong during initial procedure it is now lost in my body some where and requires surgery to remove! NEVER on time, Staff are AWFUL and POOR front desk skills with scheduling. He cannot write a request for xray etc had to go back twice as the lab could NOT get his office on the phone. His STAFF NEVER ANSWERS OFFICE PHONE! Good luck stay away far away!'
I had a mirena IUD placed just over 2 months ago by Dr. Gerber. I was very nervous because typically IUD's are used by women who have already given birth. I have never been pregnant so there was a little concern about whether the mirena might be too large for me, but everything went very smoothly and I couldn't be happier with my decision to have one inserted. They provided a local anesthetic which made the insertion almost 100% painless. There was only the slightest pinch while it was positioned. It was very fast and Dr. Gerber and the female nurse (who was present the whole time) answered any questioned I had and made sure I knew what to expect during the insertion.

Following the insertion I was sent to the recovery room where I relaxed and read magazines. They allowed my boyfriend to come sit with me, and they brought me some hot tea. Dr. Gerber came in to check on me and brought me some chocolate and candy.

I experienced a little more cramping prior to my periods than I was used to. I called his office to make sure it was normal and they got back to me immediately. They made sure I was feeling alright and told me if I needed anything I could drop in any time.

If I decide to get another IUD 5 years from now I will definitely be going back to his office to get another mirena.