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The rating:
'Dr. Solish is terrific! No two ways about it. However, the two women in the reception area are cold, unfriendly and make you think twice about returning. There is a redhead and a blond. They are both very cold but the blond, in particular, is downright rude and treats Dr. Solishâ??s clients with a belittling attitude that is insulting. She fails to recognize she is there to serve his clients. While waiting in the reception area another client and I listened to her on the phone with somebody clearly wishing to cancel an appointment due to a cold and she could not have been less helpful and was simply rude â??we all get sick ladyâ??. This blond woman is nasty and wonâ??t crack a smile or utter a pleasant word or a â??hello, nice to see you againâ?? or â??good byeâ??. Why such a kind man as Dr. Solish puts up with these two woman is a mystery. Perhaps he is unaware of it.'
Hi there, this comment was brought to my attention and I felt I should apologize to the commenter if they feel I've been at all rude or unaccomodating. I take a lot of pride in my job and I have the utmost respect for Dr. Solish. I have a great rapport with our clientele, so if there's been any misunderstanding or if you feel I've been rude, I sincerely apologize. I would never use the term "lady" when speaking to a client, so again I apologize for any misunderstanding.