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'My nose doesn't look one bit different than it did. Took my money and didn't care that there was no change.'
If this claim is legitimate, the patient should return to see me to compare his/her photos before and after surgery. I have not done a nose that looked the same after the surgery. In case the nose needs a revision for some imperfections, then It will be done. Some patients however may have unrealistic expectations or a complex related to their appearance that no surgery will correct. Rating the office staff at 3 shows that this patient is out of touch with reality.

Dr. Cabbabe did a horrible

Dr. Cabbabe did a horrible uncaring breast reduction on me. He did 6 surgeries and still no relief. I had to go to another surgeon for 3 more surgeries to help relieve some pain, and to divide my breast, dr.cabbabe left me with a uni-breast. and did not do a breast lift on me. I am in constant pain and my insurance has refused to pay for any more surgeries. I was told I probably need to have a a complete breast removal to fix my problem. I have to tape my breast up to keep it from hang under my right arm, It has left me with total back and shoulder pain, from the pulling down/ I am 8 years and 9 surgeries MESSED UP!!! I am so depressed all the time and I don't look normal. I had to buy fake boob to put in my bra to help with the unbalanced of the breast. I am so upset, I wish he was a good doctor and would either fix me right, ( Heck, he has been paid for 6 surgeries, I think PRO BOBO!!!!) or reimburse me so I can get some help!!!!

I have a big change in what

I have a big change in what he did to me. I went from a G cup to a b on one side and a b1/2 on other, and no breast lift and hanging out to side of my body in a down position, with a constant pulling. I have constant pain in my right breast, and constant pain in my lower right back and mid back of shoulder since this surgery. I am still a uni-brast, I look like a mans chest!! It is the most painful degrading feeling in the world. I have delt with this and still try to figure out how to get the insurance to help pay to give me some kind of relief for this nightmare. * years of pain and suffering and 9 surgeries, and all I wanted was a reduction and a breast lift. I had plenty to work with. Now I am being punished on a daily basis because this doctor didn't care enough to fix me right!!! VERY UPSET AND IN PAIN AND SAD!!

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