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'I visited Dr. Aung in 1994 at the age of 43 because of a lifelong problem with epilepsy. Prior to finding Dr. Aung, I was unable to find answers to the recurring problems with seizures, which had grown worse over the years. Dr. Aung was diligent in his efforts and determined that a scar on the right side of my brain caused by a high fever when I was an infant had led to my hounding problems with epilepsy. I had four seizures Dec. 5, 1994, only one day before Dr. Aung teamed with neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas Waltz of Scripps to perform a right-side lobectomy, which cured me of epilepsy. I am now seizure-free and I no longer take any medications at all. I owe my new life to both Dr. Aung and Dr. Waltz, whose combined efforts not only changed my life but probably saved it, too.'
doesnt exctly take a rocket scientist (or brain surgeon) to figure that one out. It's about as impressive as saying you probably bled a little when you cut yourself. just run an eeg an find the scar.