Rating Feedback for Dr. Mahlase (1453355)

The rating:
'Terrible Doctor. He doesn't say anything: you go in, he asks you what you are there for, then he leaves, comes back with a prescription, then walks out without saying a word. My daughter and myself had appointments one after the other and with both of us we left the room and had to ask at the desk whether he was finished with us. He doesn't explain anything about your condition (or even tell you what it is), or about the medications or expected outcomes. I have never had a doctor that does not talk AT ALL...I was very shocked. Myself and my family saw him twice (I always give everyone a second chance), then we left and went back to walk in clinics until I found a doctor. Unless you are desperate I would not suggest seeing this doctor.'
I had the exact same experience. Doctors are supposed to comfort you; this one leaves you feeling ten times worse!