Rating Feedback for Dr. Barghi (1709148)

The rating:
'Manipulates you into signing documents without letting you read them first. Attempts to make you feel guilty if you don't want to process an accidemt claim her way. I had 25 mins of exam, 2hrs of her talk.'
Although some time has passed since this was first posted, our practice felt it was time to set the record straight (especially after finally resolving a period of constant harassment from this patient). Unfortunately, this patient tried to pursue multiple avenues in order to avoid his financial obligations for the services rendered to him. In the end, he was not successful as his legal obligations were clear. As retaliation, the patient resorted to the web in order to paint the practice in a bad light. His comments are without merit, and naturally, there are two sides to every story, and his description of events is far from the truth. We do appreciate him acknowledging the extended amount of time the Dr. spent with him at each sessionâ??this highlights the Dr.â??s devotion to all her patients. At the end of the day, the Dr. has nearly two decades of experience, and has helped thousands of patients recover from their respective injuries. Thus, we cannot let a couple of negative comments discourage us from doing what we do best. We similarly hope that our future patients will take some time to look beyond the negative, and rather think about the overwhelmingly positive results that have kept our practice a part of the Santa Clara community for years.