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The rating:
'DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE! During some months I was waiting for an appointment with vfc. Finally I came to this "clinic with world class facilities ...". It's not a normal clinic I used to visit before. Few cramped dirty rooms. Hudson was very rude and harmful and asked illegal questions that he cannot ask his patients. Then I was asked to pass some tests and the results of these tests were good so I asked them about next step. After that communication has stalled. They did not answer my emails and so on. Seeing the good results of my tests they understood that I do not need expensive treatment and they will not be able to get a lot of extra money from me. And the high level of my education was the reason of their envy. Also I saw that Hudson can not control his staff. The staff tried to make smiling grimaces but innate malice and envy came out. I will never come back to this nasty place. I can't say I believe in God but hope God will pay hudson back for the lost time and money.'
I don't mean to be rude, but... is this a joke?

Dr. Hudson is the most kind and dedicated doctor I have ever met. All of the staff and nurses are amazing as well. We have never waited longer than ten minutes from our scheduled appointment time. I actually just got off the phone with Dr. Hudson, and he encouraged me to try naturally for 6 months before cycling again.