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The rating:
'Many problems, but worse was EXTREMELY pushy. Insisted we needed to come back every day, which is not necessary for a good, or even half decent, doctor. Way overcharged, if I had realized she was going to charge hundreds of dollars more than other chiropractors I never would have gone. My boyfriend thought she helped his back, she did not help mine, but at least she didn't make it worse. She gave both of us long lectures about everything we were doing wrong instead of just treating us and giving us reasonably long descriptions of our problems. She also repeatedly tried to push me to buy her back products despite my non interest. We finally just had to make appts, then call and cancel, since not making new appts in person proved very difficult. She also had no secretary and only accepted cash, which is not standard. Getting receipts was also a problem, that took some convincing. She wanted to give us a single receipt for multiple visits as a way to force us to return. Awful.'
Out of respect for this patient's anonymity, I will not go into the details of this case. This was indeed an unpleasant experience with a very difficult patient who was unwilling to cooperate with procedures that would be best for the overall recovery.

Unfortunately, it is misleading and fraudulent for the patient to be taking advantage of a public forum that trusts its reviewers. Although the patient attempted to post three different comments (trying to make it look like it came from three different patients), I appreciate RateMDs screening process in blocking the additional false claims. It is important to note that as soon as this issue was brought to my attention, our office reached out to the patient in an effort to understand and resolve any problems the patient may have experienced. However, it is clear that the patient has frustrations not necessarily with the treatment, but with other factors that are out of our office's control. Targeting the treatment and the Dr. is pre-textual if anything.

One thing that our office can agree on with the patient's post is the fact that we advised (not pushed) the patient to come back on a consistently regular basis in the beginning stages of the treatment process. When a patient has pain and suffering or any sort of acute or chronic injury, there is no such thing as a "quick-fix." There are procedures and steps that must be followed through in order to ensure the best result. In the short term, this might feel like too much, but in the long term, our patients notice and appreciate the results, which by that point, will be long-lasting. Our clinic has the best interests of our patients in mind. We are not one of those practices that treat nearly 50 patients a day and do "10-minute" adjustments. Sure, that may be convenient for the patient in terms of time, and more economically preferable for the doctor, but that is not our philosophy. If this is what you're looking for, we kindly ask you to see another doctor. Rather, our treatments are individualized to each patient's needs and conditions. There is no catchall formula, and unfortunately in the case of this patient, the Doctor's professional and academic expertise was not welcomed. We understand that in the advent of sites like web MD, every patient is becoming more of a specialist. We love that, and encourage that our patients take on a more educated approached towards their health. In fact, education is a key part of our practice, and we spend an equal amount of time teaching as we do treating. However, there are times that the Dr. really does know best, and cooperation and collaboration really will allow all parties to succeed. Lastly, this patient may have not appreciated the extensive time the Dr. spent explaining things, but that's something that we're not willing to let go of. It might take 10 minutes more out of your day, but in the long run, we believe than an understanding of your body and its flaws/strengths will make you a healthier individual for the long run.

Again, if this patient truly cares about health, we advise her to follow-up with another doctor instead of using valuable time to post false reviews, which is really unproductive for both parties.

Having our philosophy in mind, we sincerely wish the patient a speedy recovery.