Rating Feedback for Dr. Sharpe (2532719)

The rating:
'I had a two day abortion with dr. Sharpe in 2011 and it was the most horrible experience in my life. When I arrived at the clinic I had to wait two hours to be seen, and when I got back there everything was so unprofessional the assistants aren't friendly at all and the doctor doesn't seem to care either. Once I started my abortion there I immediately knew I should've went somewhere else. The following day at another sharpe location It was time for the procedure, when I went in the room it was cold and he barely spoke to me. They gave me a sedative shot and I still felt the pain. When I got to recovery I noticed a large amount of bleeding which sometimes is normal but in my case it wasn't. I go home after I come from recovery and I start to feel very sick about three hours after being home, the next day no improvements. When I went back up there they re did the ultrasound he had left a huge amount of my baby inside me still. He didn't give me pain mess they just tried to suck it out :('
Have you thought about a lawsuit? Go see a lawyer asap!