Rating Feedback for Dr. Leonardi (1724688)

The rating:
'Her office assistant is a mess. I was at Dr. Leomardi's office on April 2011 and since then my insurance hasn't received all the notes and forms to process the claim for my visit! Today, February 28th, 2012 once again I called her office and the assistant J. was unable to be consistent in her comments of whether or not she sent the information to the health insurance. Every time I call the office I am told that I will receive a phone call confirming that the paperwork has been faxed to the insurance and today,again THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED! This is not a serious doctor office since I can tell that there isn't supervision. Since November 2011 I still receiving notices from the pre-collections department of the lab that did my exams. It's been almost one year since my appointment with the doctor and she hasn't taken any responsibility in sending the forms and notes to my health insurance. A DOCTOR WITH REALLY BAD STAFF.'
totally agree, should have seen this post, then i wont get so angry today, should have just quietly asking all my paper back and leave this horrible place. thanks for posting