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'This particular office "fixed" a cavity for myself and two other family members. Within a six month period, each of us ended up with a broken tooth requiring extraction, because the dentist drilled to deep causing the tooth to become unstable. Ages of patients, 6, 17 & 36. Upon extraction of the tooth for the 17 year old male, the doctor wouldn't listen when being told the freezing hadn't had time to take effect, because he was in a hurry, and proceeded to extract the molar. The 17 year old patient was in so much pain that he was taken to his family doctor for pain relief and antibiotics and has refused to see a dentist since, due to fear. This same office placed the 6 year old patient on three runs of antibiotics, due to infection of the cracked tooth, and wouldn't pull it until it was healed. We went to another dentist, who was appalled, and she extracted immediately. Our family will never return to Dr. Hall's office and I make sure to inform others before they choose.'
Not to be rude but are you sure you have the right dental office? In all the years of going to Dr Paul Halls I have never had a bad experience in any way and I know so many others who would testify to the same