Rating Feedback for Dr. MacDonald (744842)

The rating:
'Sadly the negative comments are right on the money. He's constantly overbooked, and understaffed to the point where people will get tired waiting, and just leave. He sold me on a procedure and the results so far are anything but as promised. I feel sorry for his staff for the belittling treatment he subjects them in front of the patients. Very unprofessional! No wonder he can not keep anybody around working for him for too long!'
Hi. I am sorry the treatment didn't meet your expectations. I am more than happy to walk you through your particular case. Just give me a call or write to us and we will make sure you are happy. And you said "so far", so the procedure wasn't finished? How are the results now? If you are happy with it now (some treatment takes time), would you be willing to discuss that with us so we can see what happened? Thank you!