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'Dr Laz Klien did not perform his job as per the outlined procedure and our daughter passed away in December 2012. I can't comment any further as we are in process of legal rights, obligations and other. I say stay away from this doctor and hospital'
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I extend my sincerest condolences. I know exactly how you feel.

My daughter passed away 12 hours after being released. She bled to death. I may be able to help you and your legal situation as perhaps what happened to my daughter is similar. Dr. Klein was her surgeon. I filed a complaint with the College of Phys and Surgeons. I appealed their first decision to HPARB, it was sent back to the College for second decision. I appealed that to HPARB. It was sent back to the College for a third decision. I am now appealing this one as well. I also have a complaint against the Chief Coroner's Office.

See the following:

HPARB's Decisions

Kilby vs Laz Klein.

http://www.canlii.org/en/on/onhparb/doc/2010/2010canlii44390/2010canlii44390.html First Decision.

http://www.canlii.org/en/on/onhparb/doc/2012/2012canlii39837/2012canlii39837.html Second Decision.


There has been a cover-up from all concern.
You may have notice the memorial garden outside across the diveway of the Finch hospital. There is a plaque with my daughter's name. The hospital without admitting guilt created the entire rest area for Terra.

Ask for the hospital records, all of them. It took me almost 5 months to get them. I discovered a lot from the records but it did take a considerable amount of time.

Please e-mail me.