Chronic Pain from Motor vehicle accidents

As you all know, I have been in 5 motor vehicle accidents - from each one I have suffered whiplash and an injury to my Thoracic Spine.
Most recent accident was in August 2012 - since then I have had the following treatments, massage, accupressure, accupuncture, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, pain management therapy,
I have been on numerous meds, oxyneo, toradol, tylenol 3, diazepam,& gabapentin. Nothing seems to really get rid of my pain. The pain may be somewhat better, but then the pain comes
right back. Nothing seems to be a permanent fix for me. The meds work, however, they leave me feeling so out of it and groggy like I am in a dazed or foggy condition.

This last accident has left me very angry because it was a drunk driver and he of course was not hurt at all. I have missed 9 months of work and my life has been greatley affected.
I have had to stop all the things that made me feel happy and my outgoing self. I cant go to movies because I am not able to sit that long at one time. The same goes with going to sports
events or concerts - again I am not able to sit that long. This has made me so angry that I just want to scream.

I am back at work part time but most days I just sit at my desk and cry because the pain is too much. My doctor and pain specialist counselor are great, they say they can take me off work again
but I want to get back to normal - to get back to my life. You have no idea what it is like to sit at home for 9 months and all you can do is take narcotic pain meds. I dont want this life anymore.

Is there anyone who is going through such pain, and if you have found SOMETHING...ANYTHING THAT CAN TAKE AWAY MY PAIN... I would be forever grateful.
This pain has caused me to be a very angry and rageful person, who picks fights with my family and friends because of my pain. Because of my pain my husband
and friends has to walk on eggshells because depending on how my pain is, that depends on my mood...It is sad...but that is just the way that this pain has turned me into.

I have two loving dogs which I no longer can walk more than a block because the pain is so bad. I used to walk them farther and take them to the park and run with them and play ball with them, this too
has all stopped. It is like my life has stopped. But I am trying, I am really trying to get back my life. I am back to work restricted hours, and I am going to try and stay there and do these hours,
because it is a step up for me to get my life back. I have several co-workers who I very much enjoy working with and I am missing them.

So any comments, suggestions, or just words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.....