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'Dr. Bruell's office is dirty, she is unkempt, always stains on her clothing does not appear to wear a bra. I could hear her staff and her arguing outside of treatment room door. I waited 40 mins and then was seen by her depressed angry PA. She calls every one in the clinic a nurse when only one person is really a nurse the rest are high school drop-outs. I left without any diagnosis and was asked to return in a week because a new type of equipment was being ordered. Never returned. My neighbor and her husband have also gone to her office and walked out. They think she is psycho. They also heard soem strange conversation from the front desk people about money issues. And they heard Bruell discussing a mole on a male patients penis after he left the office.'
I'm sorry, but I have been a patient of Dr. Audreys for over 10 years. My mother is also a patient of Dr. Audreys. Because of Dr. Audrey my mothers life has been spared not once but twice. She discovered that my mother had melanoma on two seperate occassions throughout her life. My mother is here today because of her expertise, not her weight, nor her apperance. Either of us have ever had a bad experience with her office or her staff. You sound like a cruel, and depressed person yourself. I think maybe on the day of your visit you may have forgot to take your meds. To me it seems as if you have a personality disorder. Dr. Audrey, is a genius in her field of expertise. From your writing sample I can tell that you yourself are probably a high school drop out, not to mention PSYCHO. Also I believe that God saved Dr. Bruell, from having to deal with a crazy person like you. Now do us all a favor find a bridge and jump. The world needs not another bad soul wondering about!!!



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The original comment is somewhat correct--Dr. Bruell is unkempt, although I thought her office was spotless and I thought she did a good job.
Her office staff leaves a lot to be desired.

The comment that was left was completely inappropriate. Had that person should have stopped with her positive review, instead of the ridiculous commentary and insulting remarks, it would have actually been helpful.

This is a forum to find and/or leave feedback. The feedback should be respected, not have this turn into some grade-school level snark contest.

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