Rating Feedback for Dr. Nath (557567)

The rating:
'Pill pusher. Will never go to again. She messed up trying to fix one of my front teeth. When the freezing started to come out the pain was excruciating and I had to return to have the tooth pulled. She then charged me for an emergency visit. Total cost of one front tooth was just under $700.00. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!'
In this case we would try to save a front tooth at all costs and the options are sometimes limited to costly treatments like Endodontics and Crowns when a tooth is in extremely bad repair with deep decay. We are sorry if it was unclear that sometimes a tooth that has deep decay is very sensitive once the decay is removed and a filling is placed. However, it will settle down and although it may take a few days for it to become comfortable and the patient will require steroids and anti-inflammatory medication. If the tooth develops an abscess, then it would require a root canal but only at the last resort would it require extraction. Sometimes a patient may look at the cost of a root canal in comparison with the cheaper option which would be to extract a tooth and it is the choice of the patient ultimately whether to keep a tooth or not.

~ Dr. Nath