Rating Feedback for Dr. Nath (1186216)

The rating:
'Very expensive more so than others in town. Not sure why she would refer me to a Dentist in Edmt for a root canal. Got a second oppinion in town and do not need a root canal on that tooth!! 3.5 hrs for an exam (no work done) and cleaning is just rediculous! Only went to her in the 1st place because our dentist retired.'
We regret that you feel that you did not receive satisfactory treatment during your hygiene, dental exam and care of the tooth in question. Sometimes there is need for further investigation of a tooth that shows a change on the x-ray around the root tip or a fracture line in a tooth or tooth root that may or may not cause discomfort at that time. It is great news that you did not require a root canal on the tooth examined and Dr. Nath was referring to an Endodontist (root canal specialist) for a second opinion regarding a suspect fracture in this case to avoid any unnecessary future discomfort to you. We regret any frustration on your part.

~ Dr. Nath