Rating Feedback for Dr. Nath (1281553)

The rating:
'I approached this office for emergency treatment of my child and found little to no help. We had to wait an hour and a half after our appointment was scheduled and unless you have insurance or can pay up front they just refer you to other dentists out of town and throw prescriptions at you. They seem to be in business for the money, not the healthcare. Very unsatisfied. My family and I will no longer be giving them our business.'
We are sorry if you feel you did not receive the best service possible from our practice. We strive to provide excellent service and we are constantly trying to improve the experience. The goal of our staff is to keep our patients comfortable in a friendly environment and agree that it is frustrating if we are not able to care for very young children in a General Dentistry office- sometimes it is required to provide antibiotic treatment to look after the immediate pain and discomfort and to care for childâ??s dentistry with a Pediatric Specialist who specifically cares only for children. Unfortunately necessitates a visit to either Grande Prairie or Edmonton. In this way, we are able to care for a fearful or anxious child without discomfort or undue stress to the child. At West Hill Dental we never force a child to undergo dental treatment even if the parent demands us to. It is not the standard of care to treat a child against his/her wishes.

~ Dr. Nath