Good Foot Physiotherapist needed for my 9-year old son

Hi all,

I've just joined this website and forum and since I am in rush here is the first post. I need your help and suggestion here asap.
My 9-year old son and I visited Waterloo Sports Medicine and the lady (Pedorthist) was very kind and took foot prints to order otrhotics. She explained everything in detail and she said that my son has Sever's Syndrome (a painful bone disorder that results from inflammation (swelling) of the growth plate in the heel). She said nothing serious, inserts will have to be used in shoes but until we get orthotics/inserts in 2 weeks we should start Physiotherapy - that is where problem started. Now, for the second appointment, I took my kid from school, rushed for Physio without him having proper lunch and when we came the receptionist (who was waiting to go home) said "We don't have you booked for Physio - sorry" and we had to return home, she didn't even get up from chair to see if somebody can accepts us. I was so frustrated and I don't know what to do, if it's my heel I would give it up but I can't because it's for my son. Then, I read some posts/ratings on this web site about one of the Doctors there and the rating was 2.5 (lots of non-recommendations).

Can somebody, please, tell me if it's really needed to do Physio if he is getting his inserts/orthotics in about 10 days from now. If it's needed what place and doctor would you suggest and what not and why?

Please help!

Thank you all!



I would think physiotherapy

I would think physiotherapy would help alleviate symptoms until your child outgrows the condition.

Call the original doc who made the recommendation and ask if she could refer you to other resources demonstrating therapies which you could do on your own or maybe recommend another therapist.

In my experience physical therapists teach you the proper way to exercise; then you do them at home on your own. It is possible to cause more harm or to be completely ineffective if you don’t do the exercises correctly.

I have been given a handout of exercises with no guidance other than what was written on the paper and that was fine by me.

It really depends on your child’s individual needs and only your doctor would be able to advise you appropriately which is probably why you didn’t get any responses.Smiling

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