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'Dr. Parkman and his asst. Vanessa were both so very helpful when no other doctors could figure out how to help my GI problem. His testing is so different and obviously gets the results you need. After 2 years of suffering I finally have my GI problems resolved and managed and am symptom free. I think Dr. Parkman is a genius, and his personality make you very comfortable speaking to him. Yes, he seems rushed sometimes but I think he's in demand and if you have the opportunity to see him for GI problems that you haven't been able to resolve elsewhere, please do so. It's worth the trip!'
I've been very ill for the last 3-4 years but have only just been diagnosed with gastroparesis. I tried Maxeran, Erythromicin and Domperidone, all with terrible side effects and no relief of gp. The Erythromicin put me in ER it was so bad. My current GI said that due to my bad electrolyte issues, those meds he would use to treat me with are too dangerous. He hasn't offered any other plans and I don't see him again until June.
If it's not too rude to as, how did Dr. Parkman relieve you of your symptoms? Please, any information would help.