Rating Feedback for Dr. Kara-Shariff (1634338)

The rating:
'I have been a patient for 13+ years and recommend Dr Kara to my friends (although I've been told she isn't taking new patients). Wait time can sometimes be a real pain (especially if you're forgotten...which has happened) and some of the nurses are not overly friendly (although Dr Kara's nurses are) - but she has been patient, kind, understanding, given me the time to explain illnesses (even the not so serious) and been concerned enough to monitor an illness that I never thought existed...and turned out to me an early cancer diagnosis. However, because of her attentivness, recommendation to an amazing surgeon (on more than one occasion) I'm back to normal (as much normal as anyone I guess). Most Dr's offices have line ups, long wait times and some rude staff. Deal with it...at least we have free health care, and aren't forced to take a number and come back hours later.'
We have been forgotten in the shuffle, with booked appointments I have waited 4 hours. If I did that I would not have any clientele. We don't have free health care and I have waited for hours and hours.
She has to be kind and concerned that is the Hippocratic oath they take.