Rating Feedback for Dr. Pugach (2522332)

The rating:
'Made a smart decision to leave before we got ripped off. Pulling into this place, in the major ghetto, I tried not to judge a book by its cover since its a Saturday, my real doc is unavailable and I have the flu. The rate online said $85 so I told the girl there, who seemed unknowledgeable, but wore scrubs, that we had insurance and she said, "okay, your amount is $150" and I told her that was not the rate online and she told me that rate was ONLY if I paid out of pocket. I said I'll pay out of pocket, and she said "SORRY I'VE ALREADY MARKED YOU W INSURANCE. Umm, that would've been nicer to know at the beginning of payment, but that shows you the greedy perspective of that doctors office. The great thing about insurance is you can go wherever you want!! Stay away from here, unless you prefer to pay more.'

This reviewer, apparently, had a deductible on his/hers insurance policy that has not been met, which would require full payment for the visit. For most of our insurance patients we only collect a copay, $20-30 on the average, depending on the insurance - so visit with insurance would usually be cheaper.

This reviewer is correct about one thing: it is illegal for us to offer cash discounts to patients if we know that they have insurance. But this was clearly stated on the website, in bold letters, that "discount applicable only if patient has no health insurance," on the website, so this reviewer had an opportunity to know this before coming. This can be verified at our Dallas family physician website AND clicking on "payment".

It is interesting to note, that this reviewer makes a very poor rating of the knowledge and helpfulness of the doctor, without actually seeing him.