Rating Feedback for Dr. Groenewald (2551059)

The rating:
'I am very happy with Dr. Groenewald. He listens to me and is attentive even though he is extremely overworked!! I'm not sure why anyone would think they have the right to critique his personal life (and spread rumours). I wonder how we all would feel if someone came to our job and then posted publicly about our personal habits? Yes, he is in the health care profession, but all I care about is that he listens to me, and is knowledgeable and thorough, which he is. He can also be hilarious sometimes!! We all need to remember that doctors are human, and sometimes they are working with little to no sleep as well.'
This guy is a jerk, period. He is a womanizer and a drunk. Confirmed this persoanally as my Wife had an affair with him in my bed. He does not use protection, his girlfirend said he hates woman, divorced twice with three children. He is a coward to boot, won't face me. Your life is in his incapable hands!