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'My experience with this Dr. has been great. He takes the time to make me feel comfortable and answered all my questions and also asked me questions so he can futher help with my problems. After finding a lump on my breast, Dr Khalili has taken all the steps to see that I am being attended to in a very professional manner. I have recommended him to some of my friends. I was pleased that he was able to take me as one of his patients. Thank you'
if you liked this doctor, you must be fake, because he is a complete fraud. He is not a real doctor, and he has absolutely NO INTEREST in medicine! he just wants a few patients that are healthy so he doesnt have to do anything.the office is empty, he has no patients(thank god!) but his "practice" is full! God, i hope he isnt actually getting paid by our government. Why is canada allowing people like this to pretend to be doctors????? oh, and by the way, dont be misled by the attractive, idealized,friendly-looking "artists illustration" of a "doctor" that appears on the sign outside of wal-mart.... to put it mildly,that aint this guy!!!