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'If you're planning to get a angioplasty, SEEK ANOTHER DOCTOR. I got it done a few years back, and I HATE it. She shaved it down WAY too much. Its doesn't fit with the rest of my facial structure. Its awful and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. I don't know her level of expertise on other types of surgery, but creating a nice looking nose isnt one of them. Not worth the risk.'
Hey, do you have the right doctor and/or the right procedure??!! Angioplasty is not cosmetic surgery--and if u had it done, u should know the difference.Get your story straight--and Dr P does NOT overdo noses. I should know, I had it done by her!

Get my story straight?? LoL

Get my story straight?? LoL It was auto-corrected. I meant to type rhinoplasty. Thats my oppinion, and I should know cause I ALSO had one done. Ive read other reviews and Im not the only one who feels this way. I just want to let others know that its NOT worth the risk to pay that much and have a 50/50 of her doing a good job.

We are so sorry to hear how

We are so sorry to hear how you feel about the late results of your surgery! We want you to know our door is always open to you for discussion and reevaluation. We do understand our faces and bodies change over time, and we will work with you to remedy your issues. Please call us at (562) 427-8866, as we look forward to helping you!

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