Rating Feedback for Dr. Sobel (1472963)

The rating:
'This is the worst doctor ever!! Save yourself the headache. I arrived for my appt. and was barely acknowledged. I waited and waited. Finally I see Dr. Sobel. He doesn't smile or apologize for the wait. I get a routine eye exam and he tells me that the lenses I have are not strong enough and tells me to wait in another room. A lady comes and try's to convince me to get frames. I did not like any and left. He never gave me a script because he wanted me to get my frames there. I had to call for it to be faxed 3 times before they would. Well it turns out the glasses were entirely too strong. Even worse, Dr. Sobel charged both my vision coverage and health insurance for the same exact exam. After trying I finally got answers I didn't expect. The receptionist told me I should call my insurance company and tell them I was billed twice. Of course I had a hefty bill to pay so my credit wouldn't get ruined. I fought for months with no luck. I don't even know how this money hungry guy got licensed'
The exact same thing happened to me! I was billed twice, once for medical and once for vision, and now I've received a letter from a debt collector. Trying to clear up this mess I called back to the office and spoke to a rude woman who is telling me they are a medical office and that's how I should be billed. This is fraud and I'll pay the debt collector so it doesn't mess up my credit rating but I will not let this go unheard, how can a medical practitioner be so negligent?