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'By far...one of our best GP's in Sudbury. As for the comments about his secretary I'm offended... she is not a "cutsie soft spoken lady" but her strengths as a secretary/receptionist are efficient, competent, organized and helpful...those might be the reasons Dr. Cudmore keeps her!!!! People should not judge unless they are walking in someone's shoes. None of us know the struggles she is encountering through life...which usually is the reason one has a gruff and protective disposition. Does she get the job done??? You bet!!!!!!'
I have been a patient at dr cudmores office for 6 years now and im currently 6 months pregnant(High risk) and need injections once a month due to other issues.. i have 2 children both born premature.. i have been calling the office for 2 weeks now and have had NO call back so to me i dont care what struggles she is going through in life there is no reason for this.. so no i dont believe she gets the job done at all i have stated i have a problem i need to see my doctor about... and still no call! this is very unacceptable... and yes not everyone has had a bad encounter with joanne, due to the fact she chooses who to call back and who not to on her time. EVERY PATIENT SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME..

This is ridiculous...first of

This is ridiculous...first of all if you are so high risk why not go into the office and see why you are not being called back. I don' think she is doing this deliberately. I don't care what anyone says this woman is good at her job the rotten apples in this practice are the only one's complaining. Like I said before you don't like it go find another doctor QUIT WHINING AND GET A LIFE!!!! I hope she never sees these comments, you are hurtful and vindictive, how would you feel if she lost her job because of your nasty, uncalled for behaviour. Solution for you get a new doctor or be thankful for what you have. Keep up the good work Joanne, we love you!!!!Thanks for everything

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