Rating Feedback for Dr. Powers (1099703)

The rating:
'Dr. Powers puts on a good act as if she knew about rhinoplasty but gave me a bad nose job. She told me could do what I asked and gave me another. When I said something about it she would try and play games with your head like that is a nice nose I think it looks nice but I (me) was the one that paid the money!! And this is MY face and I didn't like it! But what made me upset was instead of saying she couldn't actually do the surgery or recommend you to someone who could she took my money. I would really think at five times before going to her. Because of her I have a huge knot in my nose and you can look directly inside my nose. It's like she didn't even care. Maybe she's good at breast implants or something else but rhinoplasty isn't her specialty in my book. I wasted my money and hate my nose!'
OMG! I went through the same thing!! I wake up every day hating my nose!