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The rating:
'Was in excruciating pain after last phase of root canal, called doctor to see if this was normal or if she can call a stronger pain Rx in to pharmacy. Doctor took 4 hours to respond to EMERGENCY page. #unacceptable!'
Dear Patient,
Forgive me for this late response but I recently read your complaint and I remember your call because you were so upset when I returned your call. I apologized to you then but I want to sincerely apologize in writing once again.
I make every effort to return calls IMMEDIATELY when possible but this time I admit I could not because my cell phone was off. I was in Mountainside Hospital CCU visiting an immediate family member who had a massive stroke that day and all cell phones must be off in the CCU. I returned your call as soon as I left CCU.

I am sorry you had such excrutiating pain but I can assure you that this type of severe pain is not usual but unfortunately can happen with infected teeth requiring root canal therapy. I am very sorry you had to endure this type of pain and that circumstances prevented me from taking the necessary measures to alleviate your pain in a more timely manner. I am sincerely committed to the care and comfort of my patients since I started practicing in 1980. Again I am so sorry for your pain.