Rating Feedback for Dr. Revis (1564734)

The rating:
'This doctor lies to get you to pay for the surgery. 1)He told me that he never replaced an implant for an smaller one before the surgery and then after he said he had done it some times. 2)He said that with a donut mastopexy and an small implant my breast will be lifted...after the surgery he said I needed a Vertical mastopexy. $7000 later he didn't offer to take responsibility of a unprofessional job. He just said that I wasn't 18 anymore ( by the way I am 44 but beautiful) I won't trust his capability to decide how to do a breast lift. He is just there for the money. My breast was better before. I will not recommend him if you are looking for a beautiful natural looking breast...He just know how to make big ones.'
OMG this sounds just like my story! What a shame!