Rating Feedback for Dr. Kaila (2497725)

The rating:
'DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THIS CLINIC. The reception staff are completely uneducated and the main secretary is uneducated and unprofessional. Dr. Kaila was good with the first 2 surgeries I had done. One, however, had to be fixed later at my expense and I got a massive, long lasting staph infection - the clinic is dirty in the back and one of the nurses wore long, fake painted nails while she helped me with a dressing. The 'fixed' surgery was not done properly on one side. I have an ugly scar and a droopy piece of skin to show for it.CONFIDENTIALITY is not maintained...I am writing to the College of Physicians and Surgeons about a serious breach. Also, Dr. Kaila becomes 'unavailable' when something goes wrong. I think he was a good surgeon who has just allowed himself to become too busy and does not hire professional staff or care what condition the clinic is in behind the scenes. My experience was awful and I would recommend that you do some serious research before going to this clinic.'
Very similar to my experience. Poor work, poor bedside care, hideous staff in the office and behind the scenes.
I paid 13,000 and have had a corrective surgery bu Kaila and now am seeking another to actually fix my issues.