Rating Feedback for Dr. Puzino (952088)

The rating:
'Since Dr Puzino has moved to his new practice in Parsippany, I feel like he has been rude and uncaring. I have seen him for several years but will no longer go to him after the past few visits. He was extremely rude and wouldn't even tell me what was wrong with me. He cursed my work in front of me because I asked for a doctor's note. There was a time that I liked going to him. When I had mono a few years back, he was a great dr and kept me informed. I don't know what changed but I refuse to go back to see him. On top of that, the staff is rude and unorganized.'
absolutely agree. He is not a doctor any more, but rather a businessman. Hi does not listen to patients, does not explain anything. Show very high ego and does not have good network of specialists to refer to. I told him about snoring and bad sleep for years and he did not react - apparently I had a severe case of sleep apnea, which not being diagnosed and treated lead to other problems. My opinion - his license should be withdrawn.